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Brand Name: glutathione
Model Number: 2019
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Safe. Effective. Affordable Are you tired of skin whitening creams that provide temporary results through a harmful skin bleaching process? Skin whitening creams do more harm than good to your skin, so why use them, especially when you have a safe, effective and healthy skin whitening solution like Gluta White skin whitening pills– the only authentic skin whitening glutathione pills in Pakistan! 1.Beauty and personal care: eliminate wrinkles, increase skin elasticity, shrink pores, reduce pigment, the body has an excellent whitening effect. Glutathione as a major component of cosmetics in Europe and the United States has been welcomed for decades. 2. Food & Beverage: 1, added to the surface products, can play a role in the reduction. Not only to make bread to reduce the time to the original one-half or one-third of a substantial improvement in working conditions, and play a strengthening role in food nutrition and other functions. 2, added to the yogurt and infant food, the equivalent of vitamin C, can play a role in stabilizing agent. 3, mix it into the fish cake, can prevent the color deepens. 4,added to meat and cheese and other foods, with enhanced flavor effect. 3. Health medicine: 1, radiation sickness and radiation safety: radiation, radioactive substances or anticancer drugs caused by leukopenia and other symptoms can play a protective effect. 2, to protect the liver, detoxification, hormone inactivation, promote bile acid metabolism, help absorb fat-soluble vitamins in the digestive tract. 3,anti-allergy, or systemic or local patients with hypoxemia caused by inflammation, can reduce cell damage and promote repair. 4, to improve certain diseases and symptoms as a secondary drug process. Such as: hepatitis, hemolytic disease, keratitis, cataracts and retinal diseases, such as eye diseases, improve vision. 5,easy to accelerate acid metabolism, excretion of free radicals, play skin care, anti-aging effect. glutathione pills that are made only from 100% pure, imported glutathione. Skin whitening Anti-aging Immunity booster See More at: Get in Touch Call => 0336-6541245 Money Back Guarantee.. Laboratory Tested Product.
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