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FineTech Water Treatment Technologies operates in water treatment sector with dedication, professionalism and spirit of innovation, employing technologies those are environmental friendly and ultra safe for operators. Our team consists of highly qualified & experienced water professionals including scientists, engineers and trained manpower in the relevant fields. The company provides a wide range of custom-built solutions to combat water quality problems for industrial, commercial, municipal / governmental & residential water supplies.

FineTech's Main Characteristics Include
• Unique combination of knowledge and experience in water treatment
• Leader in high-quality products, technical expertise, and specialized service
• Delivers environmentally responsible and cost-effective water treatment solutions
• Improves customer efficiency by conserving energy and water
• Builds long-lasting relationships with customers

Our Mission is to provide safe & effective water treatment, that protects water quality, supplements our country's most valuable resource, and meets WHO standards at the most competitive prices by applying a wide range of technologies to meet the needs of each water treatment application in the industrial & social sectors.

Specialized In
• Industrial / Commercial & Domestic Reverse Osmosis Systems
• Domestic & Community Water Filtration & Ultra Filtration Systems
• Deionizers / Water Softening Systems
• Mineral Water Quality & Taste Development
• Water Quality Laboratory Setup
• Water Treatment Chemicals
• Regional Water Quality Survey & Mapping
• Resistivity Survey for Locating Sub-surface Sweet Groundwater
• Training on Water Treatment, Quality, Health & Hygiene

We Provide Complete Customer Satisfaction Through
• Well Designed Water Treatment Systems
• Fast Delivery
• Prompt Service
• Technical Support
• Application Assistance
• Project Management
• Detail Proposal with Costing
• Operation and maintenance.
Mr. Ayaz Sheikh

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