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Dental, Health Medical, Manicure, Orthopedic, Surgical, Veterinary

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YKT has been serving the surgical industry round the globe for more than the last FOUR decades with the HIGH QUALITY SURGICAL INSTRUMENTS yet at the most competitive prices.

Generation after generation, Our prime commitment remained to be “The Quality” according to the customer's satisfaction since the price is rated secondary as at YKT, we are groomed; for never to compromise on quality even at the lowest margins of profit.

”Our mission is to provide the HIGHEST QUALITY instruments with the ultimate customers’ satisfaction. Also we believe in continuous improvement both in quality as well as in workmanship to strengthen your faith in our output, hence-fore every single individual is continuously developed to strive for EXCELLENCE in QUALITY at YKT”

YKT has strength of more than 200 skilled workers, engineers, technicians and co-workers; all of our HR strength is passionately striving for the improvement in quality to approach excellence. At YKT every individual is really devoted and dedicated to perform at the highest level of efficiency.

“At YKT we are using the highly automated machinery to approach the maximum level of uniformity in our production lots, yet we never forget the famous saying ’ITS NOT THE MACHINE IT’S THE MAN BEHIND THE MACHINE WHO OPERATES THE MACHINE’ we are always treasuring the experience of our skilled workers as the PRECIOUS most asset of YKT since it’s our collective urge which is leading us to surmount SUCCESS by leaps and bounds…

At YKT most sophisticated machinery environmental friendly is being used by the most competent person to get the highest level of uniformity, functionality and conformity.

YKT has a unique and tremendous area of about 50000 sq. ft. in the most commercial and industrialized area of the town.

At YKT we are working under the most conducive atmosphere meeting all the requirements of ISO9000, ISO13485, EN46000 and CE Marking to provide the maximum ease in production and highest level of traceability for each and every single instrument that is manufactured.

“YKT is targeting the optimum level of CUSTOMERS’ satisfaction with its unique commitment to excellence; we are on our way to explore each and every pocket of this market even in the remotest part of the globe to serve humanity with the INSTRUMENTS FOR THEIR LIFE”

Thank God, the commitment and the continuous urge of YKT has brought our organization on the track we always desired for, and now we are manufacturing and supplying our Quality Instruments to 120 valued customers in 54 countries across the globe.

Furthermore YKT welcomes if some individual/company is interested to work in business collaborations both in technical and/or on financial grounds.

“YKT is always looking to manufacture its QUALITY instruments to make them as human friendly as possible. We are processing and examining each and every single instrument to investigate its Biological, Mechanical, Technical and Physical features before it is dispatched to our Valued Customers”

Amongst the core features of YKT’s commitment is our R & D (Research and Development Cell) which has been working round the clock to approach the highest level of workmanship. YKT has established its in-house QUALITY LABORATORY where the REREACH ENGINEERS and TECHNICIANS are always seeking for desirable betterment in MECHANICAL, PHYSICAL, BIOLOGICAL AND TECHNICAL features of each and every single instrument i.e. to impart 100% corrosion resistance unconditionally and best functional accuracy of its intended use.

It would be a matter of great honor and privilege for YKT that if you develop some long term business relationships with YKT.

Furthermore if you want to analyze the potential of our workmanship in some particular field of instruments, it will be a matter of great pleasure for YKT to offer our instruments along with our digital catalogue.

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YKT Trading
Dental, Health Medical, Manicure, Orthopedic, Surgical, Veterinary

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