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Brand Name: Amina Surgical industry
Place of Origin: Pakistan

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Amina surgical industry Manufacturers Exporters of Surgical Dental instrument Amaina Surgical Dental Of course, we are also offering complete ranges of instruments for other surgical disciplines like gynaecology, ENT, urology, obstetrics and abdominal surgery. Do not make any compromises in this fields as well. Put your confidence in us and focus on quality, reliability and sustainability that pays off. Diagnostics, Scalpels, Scissors, Forceps Diagnostic sets, scalpels, knives, dermatomes. All kinds of different scissors, like surgical-, dissecting-, vascular-, bandage- and gynecological scissors. Anatomical and surgical forceps as well as atraumatic forceps and bulldog clamps. Clamps and Forceps Hemostatic forceps, dissecting and ligature forceps, bronchus forceps, gall and kidney clamps, peritoneum and hysterectomy forceps, towel forceps, tubing clamps, sponge holding forceps. Retractors, Probes Retractors and self-retaining retractors for small interventions as well as for the abdominal surgery. Probes, trocars and syringes. Suturing Instruments Instruments for the wound closure, like needleholders, suturing instruments and -needles, wound clips and the related instruments. Orthopedics Plaster instruments and -saws, bone rongeurs, -cutting forceps and - holding forceps, bone curettes, raspatories, chisels, mallets, elevatories, bone levers, drills, burrs, wire drills, bone implants and the related instruments. Ophtalmology Ophtalmological instruments like eye forceps, -scissors, -knives, foreign body instruments, eye speculas, lachrymal insruments, iris- and strabismus instruments. Ear-Nose-Throat-Instruments Ear speculas, -curettes, -knives, -forceps and -needles. Nose speculas and -forceps, septum knives, rhinoplastic instruments and rasps. Mouth gags, tonsil snares and -forceps as well as instruments for the laryngoscopy and tracheotomy. Thorax- and Lung Instruments Rib shears, rib- and thorax spreaders, lung- and bronchus clamps, anastomosis clamps. Stomach, Intestine, Gall, Kidney, Urology Stomach-, intestinal- and tissue forceps, kidney stone forceps, gall probes and -forceps, bladder retractors, urethrotome, dilating bougies and metal catheters. Anal retrcators and spreaders, anoscopes, proctoskopes and biopsy forceps. Gynecology and Obstetrics Instruments for gynecology and obstetrics like specuals, uterus dilators, tenacullum- and uterine polypus forceps, probes, biopsy forceps, uterus curettes as well as obstetrical forceps and further obstetric instruments. Miscellaneous Different containers and sterilization drums as well as bipolar forceps and electrodes for all surgical interventions.
Mr. Muhammad Hassan
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Orthopedic Equipment

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Orthopedic Equipment

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