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Disposable, Foam Cups, Packaging Supplies, Plastic Tableware

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Al Khair Plastics. winner of multiple awards like the FPCCI, Brands of The year award We are Pakistans`s leading manufacturer and distributor of Styrofoam (expanded polystyrene) products such as: single use food service products cups and cups for specialized use products. Thanks to our production’s high quality standards, our skilled and committed to providing timely service staff, and our 15 years of experience in the market, customers acceptance and loyalty to the brand AKP has become higher and higher as we grow. Our service throughout the country is quick and effective since we have more than 20 trucks available to attend your needs for deliveries. We export to South, Central and North America & the European Sector. Our main facility is located in Karachi`s industrial area and has a constructed area that covers over 25,000 square meters. Our Group company has more than 800 employees. And at Al Khair Plastics we have special quality managers, and RnD staff, which strive to provide you with the best quality in our products and services.Finally we provide custom made Styrofoam Cups manufactured with required and customized name engravings according to your needs for large volumes and possible uses for a long duration. We are also offering attractive Printing on the cups in your customers names along with your custom designed cartons and printed sleeves in our disposable line, we offer products such as: Styrofoam cups and their respective lids.
As a tribute to more than Eight decades of dedication with a long standing record of manufacturing and almost 15 years of delivering high quality of products to our customers, keening to constantly remain front runner as one of Pakistan’s leading Plastics manufacturers and to augment our product offering.
Visit the page under products on our website or you may contact us on Tel: Toll Free: +923321136703
Our reasonable prices and good quality will catch your attention!
Head Off: Suite No 101, 1st Floor Farah Center Karachi. 74000
Factory Add: Plot 196, Sector 24 Korangi Industrial Area Karachi
Tel: +9221-4962166
Fax: +9221-4962177

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Al Khair Plastics
Disposable, Foam Cups, Packaging Supplies, Plastic Tableware

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