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Go Fresh >>> Appointed as a Exclusive Distributor of Asia\'s Largest Frozen Chicken Company

Go Fresh >>> dynamic company based in Lahore. Our focus has been to become respected by the people who matter most. Employees, Customers and Commercial Organizations. We earn that respect by providing un-compromised sales and service.

We are manufacturer and direct Exporter of Excellent Quality Chicken Meat & Paws at very competitive rates . We always ensure to source the best quality product through our Supplier\'s state-of-the-art poultry processing plant.

Our Valuable Asia\'s Largest Frozen Chicken supplier ensure Strict bio-security measures to taken at all farms to reduce the risk of disease transmission through mechanically and physically transferred disease causative agents. Careful attention is paid to bird health, vaccination, weighment and selection to maintain healthy and uniform flocks. Under the watchful eye of our own poultry nutrition, health and housing specialists, they grow-up in large, clean and airy houses equipped with state-of-the-art heating, cooling and ventilation equipment.

They always use healthy chicken to produce high quality, safe and healthy products. Chickens are Halal slaughtered by hand (Islamic Zabeeha) strictly according to The Shariah.

They enabled us to process & supply the excellent quality of chicken paw & feet to meet the global market requirements.

Go Fresh >>> At our state-of-the-art paw processing plant, We have a production capacity of 2 Ton/Hour of Chicken paws moreover to support the production line we have 1000 tons capacity cold storage which includes Blast Freezers, Storage Freezers, and Chilled storage for fresh products. Our modern state of the art processing plant with strict hygiene and quality assurance guarantees that our products have superior quality, tantalizing appearance and it retains the natural flavor and nutritional value.

Products are then blast frozen at a very low temperature of –30ºC to –35ºC to ensure product freshness, taste and food-safety.

GO Fresh Chicken Paw and Feet boost the exporting percentage here in Pakistan, that is why our valuable customers has always been with us through out this period of time. Our prices are always as competitive and quality always unbeatable., we are able to create products that meet the wide-ranging requirements of our international customers.

Our products meets with all international standards for exportation and our quality is the best. All chicken products are certified halal.

Go Fresh >>> Processed Frozen Chicken Feet (Grade A)

Country of Origin: Pakistan
Weight: 40 - 50 grams
Feather off
Yellow outer skin off
Well clean & Fresh
No bruise
No black pad or ammonia burns
No Stinky Smell
No Blood Presence
The Moisture content is less than 5%
Storage at: minus 20 degrees Celsius.
Temp during Transportation: minus 20
Packaging: Polyethylene, carton box
Shelf Life: 12 month
Product Type: Poultry
Style: Frozen
Feature: Nutritious, Nature
No Minimum Ordering Quantity

We are one of the biggest Supplier of Chicken Paw & Feet in Pakistan.

Please feel free to ask for information, Price, Availability and terms of Supply for any of your requirement, and we will respond instantly.

Working with Go Fresh >>> has helped our customers develop a competitive edge that keeps them ahead of the curve. Our ability to understand the problem they need to overcome, then develop a solution to answer that problem is the source of our success.

Our goal is to earn trust and confidence and ensure we develop a long lasting relationship with you, your company, and organization

We are looking forward to establishing a long lasting and successful partnership where we can work together effectively with mutual trust to grow the business together.
Your valuable comments, considerations and evaluations are much awaited.

Sincerely Yours
Business Development Division

​Irfan Azmat
Cell: +923218448004
Head Office: 29 G III Model Town Lahore, Pakistan

Plant: 17-KM Ferozepur Road - Bank Stop - Lahore - Pakistan
Ph: +924232891216

E-Mail: GoFresh.Pk@gmail.com
Web Link: https://sites.google.com/site/gofreshpk/home
Mr. Amaan Irfan

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