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RE: SUPPLY OF AUTO SPARE PARTS Dear Sir, we supply auto spare parts for light vehicles and heavy earth moving machinery. We shall be obliged if you kindly arrange to send us your future inquiries and enlist name of our Company for purchase of auto spare parts. Dear Sir, whenever you have any requirement of auto light and heavy earth moving spare parts, we propose your good self to be suitable to Just drop an email to us and we shall quote our best competitive prices for your perusal and to make comparative statement. We hope you will find our prices lowest, competitive and to your entire satisfaction. No doubt we are sure that you will also find our parts best quality and quantity-wise. Thanking you. Following information should be provided: Part No. of spare part Description Make of vehicle Type of vehicle Engine serial No. to which part applicable Chassis Serial No. to which part applicable Quantity required Name of consignee and address Port of Destination
Mr. buraaq corporation
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