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Dear Sir,

We are pleased to introduce ourselves as a supplier of Knit wears producer, home textile and Industrial fabrics supplier from Pakistan. We have our own knitting, weaving (with over 200 Airjet Looms), bleaching, dying, printing and stitching units.

We wanted to offer you the following products as per your specifications with the high quality standard. Besides these fabrics and garments we can supply any quality you want to buy.

Woven Fabrics:
Cotton Flannel Fabric, 20x10/40x42 - soft hand feel both side brushed
Cotton Flannel Fabric, 22x10/40x42 - soft hand feel both side brushed
Cotton Flannel Fabric, 20x10/40x44 - soft hand feel both side brushed
Cotton Flannel Fabric, 22x10/40x44 - soft hand feel both side brushed

Cotton ( brush sateen). 102x48 / 20s x 10s

Poly Cotton 50/50 76x56 / 30s x 30s
Poly Cotton 49/51 76x66/150denier x 30s poly
Cotton 65/35 80x50/16s x 16s
Cotton 60 x 60 / 21s x 21s
Cotton 68 x 68 / 30s x 30s
Cotton 78 x 78 / 30s x 30s
Cotton 130x70 / 40s x 40s
Cotton (organic) 76x76/30sx40s
Besides above fabric we can do any fabric that you buy.

Knitwears Garments:

T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, Polo Shirts, Fleece jackets, workwear trousers and jackets, Shirts, Stretched Tops etc etc

Home Textiles (Bed Sheets and Curtains)

We offer the best bedding and bed linens with impressive fabric colors with striking decoration of bed spreads patterns covering complete range in this area including bed sheets, Bed Duvet Covers, pillows, Window Curtains, Door Curtains etc made from the buyer’s required / specified fabrics.

Besides above, any other woven / Knitted fabric / garment, we can supply as per your demand.

I would appreciate to hear from you about your requirement so we can email you our best rock bottom prices.

Best regards
Mehash Textiles Pakistan
Building at Plot # 117, Flat # 4, 2nd Floor,
12 East Street, Phase 1, DHA,
Karachi - 75500.
Tel # +92-2135889067, + 92-21-35801204
Fax # +92-21-35884824
Mr. Salik Malik

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