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Kestral SPD Pvt Ltd a leading construction company in Pakistan, EXECUTIVE SUMMARY
Kestral SPD (Pvt) Ltd’s two divisions of Design & Build and Engineering Services are ideally positioned
to work on the proposed assignment. We have successfully executed almost a dozen projects on
secure military bases and facilities on a fast-track basis.
Our trained people, established processes and methodological approach to the construction process
renders us as the company of choice for our clients since the default in this region does not conform to
international standards of methodology, quality and HSE. On the two USACE projects Kestral
performed in 2006-2008, there were no lost time injury and on another large project, Kestral was
awarded by KBR (an IDIQ contractor to which Kestral was the prime sub) a merit certificate for
completion of 1m man hours without any lost time injury!
Kestral SPD is a leading construction, project management and engineering services company in
Pakistan providing turnkey construction design or build services using highly sophisticated project
management and engineering solutions to multinationals, foreign governments and the commercial
private sector across the length and breadth of Pakistan and in the Middle East. We are the first point of
contact for these entities for taking over the complete responsibility for implementing their programs in
the country leaving them free to focus on their primary business.
A key member of the Kestral group of companies headquartered in Islamabad, Kestral SPD is
responsible for the execution and complete end-to-end delivery of medium- to largesized construction
and engineering services programs and delivers them through state-of-the-art program management
techniques while ensuring international standards of quality and adhering to strict disciplines on health,
safety and environment (HSE). Using sophisticated IT-enabled systems, Kestral SPD is engaged in a
wide spectrum of civil engineering and engineering services programs in Pakistan and the Middle East.
As an innovative approach to corporate management, the group has established a Board of advisors to
help streamline the operations of all its companies through their network of contacts and highlyspecialized
skills in technical, financial and regulatory matters.
Kestral SPD is ISO 9001:2008 certified for the quality management systems in all its construction and
engineering services activities.
Kestral SPD is ISO 14001:2004 certified for its environmental management systems.
Kestral SPD is OHSAS 18001:2007 certified for occupational health and safety management.
Established in 1987, Kestral has been providing trading, consultancy and logistics services to a host of
multinational companies engaged in various defense and commercial activities in Pakistan. Kestral
represents the key divisions of large US companies such as Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, General
Dynamics, Gulf Stream Aerospace Corporation, United Technologies and many others. In the very
early stages of its inception, Kestral started successfully acquiring business opportunities in other
countries of the region, such as Malaysia and Bangladesh, and has since expanded its operations into
several other countries outside Pakistan. Kestral now has offices in Muscat (Oman), Malaysia, Canada,
Dubai and United State. In addition to Kestral SPD, the Kestral SPD (Pvt) Ltd group operates through
several other operating companies employing in total of over 300 people.
Mr. Muhammad Ahmad

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