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Banners, Blazer Badges, Wings

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RA Digitizing Industries Started Business in 1995 manufacturing all kinds of Embroidery works and Uniform accessories for military, navy, air force, Air Lines, army & police and for other organization as well.
The Hand Embroidered Badges are also called, Blazer-Badges and
Bullion-Badges. These includes Cap badges, Pocket Badges, Chest Badges,
Arm patches, Collar Badges, Family Crests, Shoulder boards, Fashion
Badges, hat\'s peeks, Past master bullion & silk thread hand embroidered
aprons, Regalia\'s, WWII militaries, Emblems, Civil war caps, badges.
Rank Insignia, Shoulder Boards/ Epaulettes, Digitizing, Embroidery Badges, Hand Embroidery Badges, Hand Embroidery Pennant/Flags, Peaks, Military Caps, Berets, Sashes, Lanyards, Whistle/Shoulder Cords, Sword Knot, Cap Cords, Aiguillettes, Braids, Fringes ,Tassels, Aprons, Whistle.

We are trying to show our range of products through this web site.

Our company is dedicated to providing you with the best possible services.
We are sure that our customers would be fully satisfied with our products
and are confident to establish consistent and trustworthy business
collaborations with them. We seek the clients whom we could develop a good working relationships.
Mr. Hafiz Mohammad Junaid

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Ra Digitizing Industry
Banners, Blazer Badges, Wings

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Ra Digitizing Industry

Mr. Hafiz Mohammad Junaid


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