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Marie K International was established in 2004. Manufacturers and exporters of premium quality Shaggy Leather rugs, Hide rugs, leather prayer rugs, leather wall rugs and decor leather pillows. We are the first to introduce leather rugs in Pakistan by the name-brand of \"Marie K\". We guarantee our products to be the best certainly incomparable to others in the world due to our high emphasis on providing top quality leather rugs and pillows.

Our past experience of twenty years in Home-Fashions products originated in United States, later diverted into leather of same nature products.
Our standard sizes for rug are 2.5\' x 5\', 3\' x 5\', 4\' x 6\', 5\' x 5\', 5\' x 7\', 6 x 8 and 8\' x 10\' Ft. but any size and color can be provided according to our customers requirements. Offering (Ex-Factory) competitive prices of any type seen on our website.

Many more designs are also available, if interested, nevertheless we also produce according to our customers given designs.

Our export quality is designed to meet all international standards and specification required abroad.
We pride ourselves for being in the top list of maximum designs, offering unique and intricate designs while maintaining high standard quality of materials mostly used of cow, sheep and goats.
Thinking outside the box covering multitude of patterns, believing our work to speak for it\'s self.
Our primary goal is customer satisfaction which we strive to provide.
Mr. Nabeel Humayun

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Marie K International
Carpets, Fur Rugs, Leather Rugs, Rugs

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